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Six Hats Brainstorming

The Six Thinking Hats technique is a tool that can be used to stimulate thinking and decision-making. It was developed by Edward de Bono, a renowned expert in the field of creative thinking and problem solving.

The technique involves wearing "thinking hats" that represent different thinking styles or perspectives. The six hats are:

  1. 🚙 Blue Hat: The Conductor's Hat. This represents the overview and control perspective. It is used to manage the thinking process and ensure that all perspectives are considered.

  2. 🐇 White Hat: The Factual Hat. This represents the logical, factual, and objective perspective. It is used to gather and present information.

  3. ❤️ Red Hat: The Hat For The Heart. This represents the emotional and intuitive perspective. It is used to express feelings, hunches, and intuition.

  4. 🟨 Yellow Hat: The Value Hat. This represents the optimistic and positive perspective. It is used to identify benefits and potential advantages.

  5. 👩‍⚖️ Grey Hat: The Judge's Hat. This represents the critical and cautionary perspective. It is used to identify risk, problems, and potential drawbacks.

  6. 🍏 Green Hat: The Creative Hat. This represents the creative and innovative perspective. It is used to generate new ideas and alternatives.

The Six Thinking Hats technique can be used in groups or individually to encourage diverse thinking and facilitate more effective decision-making. It can be applied to a wide range of situations, including problem-solving, brainstorming, and planning.

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