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Monthly Investor Update

Writing investor updates are a great way for startup founders to build relationships with their investors and to keep them in the loop.

In Gamma, you can create rich, interactive updates that are engaging to read. Give investors a high-level summary with the option to easily access more in-depth, granular information through nested cards, toggles, and galleries.

Your investors can also comment and ask questions directly in Gamma, thereby avoiding unnecessary emails back and forth.

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Why try Gamma?

Waaayyy faster than Powerpoint

With a writing-based interface and one-click themes, stop wasting time pushing around boxes and start focusing on what matters: your ideas.

The brevity of slides with the clarity of memos

Pull out key points, and let people drill into details with nested cards and footnotes. Every deck doubles as a readable, standalone doc with the full context.

Beautiful and interactive

Bring your ideas to life with interactive embeds: images, videos, diagrams, and even entire websites. Invite people to comment and react on your ideas.

Other benefits of using Gamma

Easy and writing based

Gamma is easy to learn: think Notion meets Canva.

Built for collaboration

Works great for teams working in real time or async. Keep the discussion going with comments and reactions.


See how your decks are being used, and which cards are getting the most engagement.

Easy to share

Share a link or embed your deck. On mobile devices, Gammas are optimized for readability.

One-click themes

Add your company colors and logos.

Export to PDF

Export your deck to a PDF for easy sharing and offline reading.