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✏️ Note from the Founders




If you're anything like us, you work hours a day on the web, buried in a sea of tabs and web apps, constantly losing context and always one click away from being distracted. We believe that a radically different UX can help with this, and that's what we're making.

🌐 SigmaOS is a new type of macOS browser made for work. It's as fast as Safari, and it's built around workspaces and multitasking. Like Slack, in SigmaOS, your browser activity is separated into workspaces - one workspace per project. This product is the overlap of our obsessions:

📑 I (@mahyad) have always been obsessed with organizing because of my ADHD and became a power user of software that could organize and clean up my workflow, like Superhuman and Notion. I was frustrated by how cluttered my desktop was with irrelevant Safari windows and tabs that I didn't need for my work right then.

🧑‍💻 @aliatttar has always been into neo-browsers. Rockmelt (released when he was 11) was the first piece of software he deeply cared about and referred his friends to. Since Rockmelt's shutdown, multiple different neo-browsers came out, but none were as mind-blowing to him. He is also a power user of Photoshop and loves their single-key keyboard shortcuts.

🖥️ @sauravmitra rarely cares about software but is a massive Vim fan. He is obsessed with how fast and powerful Vim makes him at text-editing. Oh and he made a quick product demo sometime recently:

So, if you think Rockmelt crossed with Notion crossed with Vim, that's basically what we're working on! 🔥

The Laziest Way to be Productive

🔥 Features on Fire

🗂️ Workspaces to organize your pages and web-apps

“Who knew my favorites bar and tabs with unreadable titles were getting in the way of work? SigmaOS knew”

Len Boyette
CTO / Founder @Hotswap (YC S21)

💤 Snooze pages to keep your mind clear

“Finally something that can bring order to my browser chaos ❤️

Mara Muenzing, Product Marketing Manager @MindMeister

✂️ Split screen to multitask like a pro

“Split Screen is a killer for me - I read a lot of research papers and SigmaOS makes taking notes while reading so simple.”

Léa Lortal
PhD Candidate @King’s College London

Sync - many devices, same content

“It should be called MagicOS”

Arnob Mukherjee
Designer / Founder @Olvy

🔒 As Private as Safari

SigmaOS is built using the best of Apple technology and the WebKit engine.
That means your data is locked behind biometrics (if available), and malicious cookies can't track your web-activity.

🔎 Lazy Search

👑Tabs, Searches, Commands, Bookmarks… one tool to search them all, one tool to rule them all

Shortcuts so you can do everything from your keyboard

“Absolutely loving the keyboard shortcuts and how I can fly around workspaces without clicking!”

Jos Purvis
Security Architect @Cisco Cryptographic Services

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4.8 / 5 by 86 users

"SigmaOS, has thrown its hat in the ring with a radically different UX"

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