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🎉 Hi creators! Thank you for using Opus!

We are on a mission to build the most creative live streaming tool for the creative mind.

Our entire product is designed to be a sandbox full of creative tools for people to unleash their creative potential.

We know it is not always easy to learn a new tool, that’s why we have created this self-service guide for you to easily unlock all the magic of this creative sandbox!

If you have any question that is not covered by this guide, or if you need additional information, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

Enjoy! 😉

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Magic Memes and Text Overlay

What Is It?

Magic Memes and Text Overlay is an AI-powered meme/text generator that automatically turns your words into memes and text overlays.

It's designed to give your audience a reason to keep watching enthusiastically VS listening to your live stream passively like a podcast.

This is especially good when you are doing a solo show. It can turn awkward moments into fun moments, bring you a lot of fun, it can also bring a lot of fun to your audience, who will more likely stay longer and increase their watch time.

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Magic Memes


Click “Meme” in the control panel underneath the main canvas, and click “Settings”

**Note that Magic Memes is turned on by default


In the Trigger Words section, you can use the pre-populated trigger words, or add your own words.

You can also set the frequency based on your preference.

Once you have set up everything, click “Confirm”.


During your live stream, when you mention the trigger word, our platform will automatically suggest corresponding memes to you. You can press 1/2/3 on your keyboard to bring a meme on screen, or click 1/2/3 button in the studio to bring it on screen.

**Note that you need to press the 1/2/3 button to bring a meme on screen. (If you see the meme is turning from opaque to solid, then you know it’s on screen and your audience will be able to see it.)

**Also note that memes show up in the lower right corner by default. You can drag and drop them to anywhere you want on the screen. You can also change their size.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Magic Text Overlay


Click “Meme” in the control panel underneath the main canvas, toggle on “Magic Text Overlay”, and click “Settings”

**Note that Magic Text Overlay is turned off by default


You can set up Key Terms and Intro Words.

Key Terms means that when you mention them, we will bring the exact terms on screen as text overlays.

Intro Words means that when you mention them, we will place the words that come after intro words on screen as text overlays. (e.g. when you say “The topic is space exploration”, we will bring “Space Exploration” on screen.)

You can set the text overlay color to make it on-brand. You can also set the frequency based on your preference.

Once you have set up everything, click “Confirm”.


During your live stream, when you mention the trigger word, our platform will automatically suggest corresponding memes to you. You can press 1/2/3 on your keyboard to bring a meme on screen, or click 1/2/3 button in the studio to bring it on screen.

**Note that text overlays show up in the lower third part by default. You can drag and drop them to anywhere you want on the screen. You can also change their size.

❷ Magic Poll

What Is It?

Magic Poll is an AI-powered poll generator that allows you to easily create a poll in the studio, and your audience to participate directly by making a comment in the streaming platform.

This is one activity that every single audience can participate in, and when they see their avatars on screen, it will further encourage people to comment more and stay longer, which will ultimately increase your watch time, engagement rate, and retention.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Magic Poll


Click “Poll” in the control panel underneath the main canvas, and click "Create a Poll".


After you click the arrow button, type in your question in the box, then click “Apply”, and a poll will be generated.


Ask your audience to type their answers using quotation marks in the chat box, and our platform will capture people's answers directly from YouTube comments and show them in a dynamic word cloud, and all participants' avatars will also be shown on screen.


You can hover your mouse over a specific answer, and click the “message” icon to see who have voted for that answer.

❸ Emoji Rain

What Is It?

Emoji rain is a super visually engaging tool that can make your show even more expressive and interactive.

Our AI will collect all the emojis from the chat box sent by your audience, and will make them fall from the top of your screen.

You can have a lot of fun with it and it will actually encourage your audiences to send more comments.

See Emoji Rain In Action

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Emoji Rain


Click “Effect” in the control panel underneath the main canvas, and click "Emoji Rain".


Ask your audience to send emojis in the chat box, and our platform will capture their emojis directly from YouTube and Facebook comments and show them in the form of falling emoji.

❹ Video Comment

What Is It?

We are upgrading the traditional text-based comment to video comment.

With Video Vomment, you can give your audience an option to easily record a short video to send you as a comment before or during your live event, and you can bring those short clips on screen to interact with when live.

This can be very helpful because:

  • It makes your audience more visible/part of the show
  • It’s a great way for growth and monetization
  • You can use their clips for content repurpose and easily create more content for your channels
  • Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Video Comment

    STEP 1

    To start, click “Comments” in the right side tab, then click the “Video Comments” icon at the top, and then click the “Settings” pen icon to create your project.

    STEP 2

    Create a prompt for your audience to talk about. We will automatically generate a link and QR code for you to share.

    STEP 3

    You can copy the link and send it to your community before your live stream.

    You can also add the QR code to screen in one click,

    We recommend you share your link/QR code in your community before your live stream, so that your audience can have enough time to create their video

    STEP 4

    Your audience can scan the QR code using their mobile phone. They will be brought to a webpage. They just need to click “Record”, and can record a short video up to 60s as easy as recording a TikTok video.

    When they finish recording, they just need to type in their name and click “Submit”. When they see the confetti emoji, their video is successful submitted.

    STEP 5

    All the video comments submitted by your audience will show up in the video comments tab. They are automatically transcribed so that you know what’s in the video before showing it on screen.

    STEP 6

    To bring a video comment on screen, simply hover your mouse over a video, and click “Show”. Your video comment will be automatically played.

    Video Comment Use Case

  • Bring your AMA session to the next level: Typing can be tiring and inefficient when asking a complicated question. Empower your audience to raise questions by recording a short clip of themselves with Video Comment to send to you with just one click.
  • Let your audience join the discussion: With traditional text comments, people cannot fully express what they think and feel. Open it up to your audience to have them chime in about what you're talking about with Video Comment to make them part of the show.
  • Include more guests in the show: We've all run into situations where the guest speaker cannot make it to the show or there just isn't enough time for everyone to talk during the show. Ask those guests/experts to provide a nuggets of their thoughts using video comment, and you can just play the clips during your show.
  • Prepare a nice little surprise for your guest speaker: Surprise your guest by asking his/her mentor or other close friends to record a video comment, and bring those video comments on screen to surprise the guest during the livestream.
  • Grow and monetize your channel: Make Video Comment an exclusive perk for your VIP subscribers where they can closely interact with you to increase the conversion rate of paid users in your community.
  • ❺ AI Comment Assistant (NEW)

    What Is It?

    AI Comment Assistant is a smart AI tool that helps you better organize and engage through comments. It helps you in two ways:

  • Organize: It automatically highlights valuable comments like super chats, compliments and questions, and sorts them into their corresponding tabs so that you can see them easily;
  • Engage: It automatically brings highlighted comments on screen for you to engage with.
  • With AI Comment Assistant, you won't miss important comments. It frees you from manually bringing comments on screen, so you can focus on creating a great live show.

    Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use AI Comment Assistant


    Click the "Star" button to see all the comments you have starred

    Click the "Heart" button to see all the highlighted comments with compliments

    Click the "Question mark" button to see all the highlighted questions in the comments


    Toggle on "Auto display" option to have the comments brought on screen automatically for you to engage with.

    ❻ Real-Time Promotion (NEW)

    What Is It?

    Real-Time Promotion is a smart AI tool that allows you to easily create a real-time promotional short video clip from the most recent 15 seconds of your livestream, and post it to your social media accounts with just two clicks.

    This is super useful for helping you getting more views in the sense that:

  • For your followers: It can boost show-up rate by serving as a "going-live" reminder
  • For your non-followers: It can boost discoverability across social media platforms and reach large audiences
  • In the first phase, we support sending real-time promotional videos to YouTube Shorts and Facebook Page.

    Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use AI Comment Assistant


    STEP 1

    Click "Setting" on the top right, and then click "Real-time promotion"

    STEP 2

    Connect with your YouTube Shorts and Facebook page (if you have it).

    STEP 3

    After you have connected with your social media, you can then customize your video caption.


    STEP 1

    During your show, when you find a good moment, you can click the yellow "Promote" bottom on the top right, and we will automatically generate a clip from the most recent 15 seconds of your livestream.

    STEP 2

    You can hover your mouse over the scrubber bar to preview the whole video clip. When you think it's ready to go, click "Send Posts".

    STEP 3

    Your video clip will be posted on your YouTube Shorts and Facebook page (depending on the platforms you connected previously). The real-time promotion will serve as a "going-live" reminder for all your followers and increase the visibility of your livestream event by bringing in more traffic from all social media platforms.

    ❼ YouTube iFrame

    What Is It?

    You can directly embed and play a YouTube video in your studio, without needing to jump between different tabs and creating the annoying echo.

    You can use this to do a lot of things, like throwing a watch party, doing a live commentary, or just sharing a wholesome video to entertain your audience.

    Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Magic Poll

    STEP 1

    Click “Videos” on the right side bar, and then click “YouTub” button at the bottom of the tab.

    STEP 2

    Copy and paste a YouTube URL in the box. We will automatically fill in the video name.

    Once you have pasted the link, click “Confirm”.

    STEP 3

    To bring your YouTube video on screen, hover your mouse over the video, and click “Show”.

    STEP 4

    Your video will be brought on screen and automatically played. You can manipulate the video (pause, dragging the pointer to a specific time, mute the video, etc) directly in our studio!

    *We advise you to check copyright issue every time before you want to share a YouTube video during your live show.

    *We currently do not support embedding a YouTube live stream

    👉 Setting Up Your Stream

    What browsers do you support?

    Currently we support Chrome and Edge browser.

    You need to have your Chrome updated to version 106, and Edge updated to version 106.

    In order for best experience with all Opus’ premium features, we recommend the following:

  • CPU>=6 cores
  • Memory size>=8GB
  • Network
  • Uploadlink&Downlink bandwidth are both >10Mbps
  • Network latency<1600ms
  • Disable VPN connection
  • What kind of device can I use?

    You can use MacOS, Windows, and your mobile phone to go live.

    Here are something things that we’d like you to notice for each device:


  • When you share your screen, tabs or windows for audio, you need to open your mic in studio
  • Windows

  • When you share the screen or windows, you need to choose "share the audio" and turn off your mic
  • Can't use camera in multiple programs (e.g. You cannot use Zoom and Opus at the same time, otherwise you won’t be able to use your camera in the studio)
  • Mobilephone

  • You need to set up everything in the studio using your desktop first, including layout, destinations, etc.
  • You will be able to receive comments and bring comments on screen using mobile.
  • You can also use your microphone as a second camera:)
  • What resolution can I stream in?

    Currently we support streaming up to 1080p.

    If you want to increase speaker video resolution to 1080P, please contact us at [email protected].

    How do I schedule a YouTube live event?

    STEP 1

    To start, click "Add" on the top right side to add your YouTube destination.

    STEP 2

    After you've added your YouTube channel, click "Schedule for later" at the bottom of the scheduling tab, select a time, and then click "Save settings"

    When you have scheduled an event

    STEP 3

    After you've scheduled an event, you can then turn on the toggle for your channel, and click "Settings". In the setting page, you can change the title, description, privacy, and thumbnail of your scheduled event.

    *Note that we currently only support scheduling a YouTube live event.

    Can I use mobile phone to go live?

    Yes! You can use your mobile device to go live. Here are some things you need to take notice:

  • You need to set up everything in the studio using your desktop first, including layout, destinations, etc. (We do not recommend putting too many overlays on your screen using mobile, so as to ensure optimal streaming speed)
  • For layout, we suggest you choose "full screen" for one-person on screen, and "full screen even layout 1" for two-people on screen
  • What you can do when streaming on mobile:

  • You can flip front/ back camera
  • You can go live/ end live (need to set up destinations on PC beforehand)
  • You can bring speakers on/off stage
  • You can receive comments & put comments on screen
  • Note that your streaming quality/latency are ultimately decided by your mobile network.

    Can I get rid of Opus’ logo watermark?

    It's a paid feature, but we can get rid of the watermark for private beta users, please contact us at [email protected] for help.

    How to add an extra camera in the studio?

    We are still developing the feature where you can directly add an extra camera in the studio in one click (yeah we are a startup so we don’t have a lot of people). But you can still use two cameras in our studio through these two methods:

    METHOD #1

    Join your studio with both your mobile phone and computer, and use your mobile phone as the second camera.

    METHOD #2

    Step 1

    Find a pair of wired headphones and plug them into your computer, and turn your computer volume to 0 (This has to be the first step if you want to avoid hearing the annoying echo sound)

    Step 2

    Open your studio in two regular Chrome tabs, one for camera 1, and the other for camera 2. When you are in the welcome page before entering the studio, you need to set your cameras and mics for each tab:

  • For tab 1: Select your camera to cam1, and select your computer microphone as your audio input (Do NOT select your headphones microphone as audio input)
  • For tab 2: Select your camera to cam2, and mute your mic in this tab
  • Once you have completed, Click "Enter" in both tabs to enter the studio

    Step 3

    Once you are in the studio in both tabs, you can basically ignore the tab whose mic is muted, and only use the tab whose mic is on as your studio. In this studio, you can bring both of your cameras on stage, and change their layouts based on your preference.

    Step 4

    Once you have set up the layout and destination, click "Go Live" and voila, you are live with two cameras!

    👉 Destination

    How many destination platforms can I multi-stream to?

    During private beta, there is no limit in terms of destination numbers. You can multi-stream directly to YouTube, Facebook, and any destination that supports RTMP/RTMPS.

    Which destination platforms can I receive comments in the studio?

    Currently you can receive comments from YouTube and Facebook.

    Which destination platforms can I send comments from the studio?

    Currently we only support receiving comments from various platforms. Sending comments directly from the studio will be launched in future iteration.

    I connected with RTMP but the live stream is not showing on my YouTube/LinkedIn/Facebook channel.

    When using RTMP, don't forget to click "Go Live" in YouTube live control room, Facebook studio, and LinkedIn stream page (https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/a564446/go-live-using-a-custom-stream-rtmp-?src=direct%2Fnone&veh=direct%2Fnone). Once you have clicked the "Go Live" button, your stream preview will be visible on your channel.

    I cannot schedule an event on YouTube

    When you cannot schedule an event on YouTube, please check:

  • Check if the user account is an owner account: Your account might be linked to multiple YouTube channels, and you might not have the "owner/manager" access to all features on all channels (which includes live streaming permission). You should click this link https://www.youtube.com/features, and check in the "Permission" tab your role and permissions.
  • Check if you have enabled live streaming. To check, click this link https://www.youtube.com/features, and then click "Channel" - "Feature eligibility", and check if you have enabled live streaming, which is an intermediate feature on YouTube.
  • 👉 Guests

    How many on-screen people can I invite to Opus?

    You can have up to 9 people on-screen.

    How many people can I invite to the backstage/green room in the studio?

    In our studio, backstage = green room = speakers off stage.

    You can invite unlimited number of people to the studio backstage during private beta. (But of course we do not recommend you inviting 100 people to the backstage, which can make your studio rather buggy:))

    How do I invite guests to my stream?

    You can invite your guests to your studio by the following steps:

  • On the Speakers Management tab on the left side, click the "Invite guests to the studio" icon
  • Type your guest title and name
  • Click "Copy Link"
  • Send your link to your guest.
  • How do I reorganize on-screen participants?

    There are two ways to reorganize your on-screen participants:

  • Drag and drop to swap participant position.
  • Hover your mouse over the on-screen guest - click the dropdown box above the camera - select the guest you want to swap position with.
  • What CAN guests do in the studio?

  • Share and control screen/slides
  • Add shared content (slides, videos, etc) to the stream
  • See, show/hide comments
  • See other participants backstage
  • Send backstage notice to other participants
  • What CAN'T guests do?

  • Start/Stop broadcast
  • Change broadcast settings
  • Control overlays (banners, stickers, etc), layouts, and videos
  • Does my invite link to a guest expire?

    No, it won't expire.

    How do I manage my guests' name tag, background, etc?

    You can manage your guests’ name tag, background (green screen) by the following steps:

  • Select "Speakers" on the right-side toolbar
  • Under the "Video" tab, you can change each guest's camera style, and background image
  • Under the "Nametag" tab, you can change each guest's name, toggle on/off their name tag, and name tag color.
  • 👉 During Your Stream

    How do I change layout?

    You can change layout by clicking the “Layout” icon right underneath your main canvas in the control panel.

    We also support 3D layout (tilted layout) to level up your live stream to TV product quality.

    How do I add overlays (logos, CTAs, stickers, etc) to my stream?

    There are many kinds of overlays that you can bring on screen: banners, tickers, info box, and even Giphy stickers! All overlays have 100% resizing and repositioning freedom. You can place them wherever you want to make your show on-brand.

    You can click "Banners" on the right-side toolbar, and choose banners/tickers/info boxes that you want to bring to stage.

    To bring stickers/logos/overlays on screen, click "Overlays" on the right-side toolbar. you can either upload your own stickers, or upload stickers/posts directly from Giphy.

    How do I change my studio background?

    To change your studio background, simply click “Design” on the right side panel, and scroll down to find “Background”.

    How do I change my virtual background/green screen?

    To change your virtual background or green screen, simply click “Speakers” on the right side panel, and in the "Video" tab, find “Background”.

    You as the host can also manage and change your guests' virtual background.

    Can I use a video for my background?

    Yes you can! You can upload MP4, WebM, MOV videos as your background. Maximum video size is 150MB.

    How do I share my screen?

    You can share your screen by clicking the "Share" button underneath the canvas.

    How do I share a video?

    For local videos, you just need to upload your videos in the video tab.

    If you want to share a YouTube video:

  • click on “Videos” in the right side panel
  • Click “YouTube”, copy and paste a YouTube link in the box, then click “Confirm”.
  • You then hover your mouse over the YouTube video, and click “Show” to bring it on stage. You can play the YouTube video natively in our platform, without having to share your screen.
  • One thing that we’d like to point out is, every time before you share a YouTube video, it’s best to check if it will incur copyright infringement issue.

    *Note that you are not able to share a YouTube live streaming.

    What is preset scenes? And how do I set up scenes?

    Preset scenes are powerful tools for you to set up every scene in advance, so during your live stream, you can switch to a different scene in just one click!

    This is especially helpful for remote production!

    To set up scenes, you need to:

  • Click "Show" at the bottom of your studio
  • Under "Preset Scenes", click "+" to add a new scene
  • You can choose one of our scene templates, or select “Blank” to create a blank scene.
  • How do I share PDFs?

    You can drop your PDF straight into the stream by:

  • Click "Slides" on the right-side tool bar
  • Click "Upload" to upload your file to the platform
  • Hover your mouse over your file and click "Show" to bring your PPT/PDF on screen.
  • How do I turn off name tag?

    To turn off the nametag, you simply need to:

  • Click "Speakers" on the right side toolbar
  • Click "Nametag"
  • Toggle off "Show Nametag".
  • How do I send a message to my guests?

    You can send a short and hard-to-miss notice to your guests by:

  • Click “Notice” in the control panel underneath the main canvas
  • Type in a crisp notice to your guests. If you want to message a specific guest, we recommend that you first type in their name.
  • When you are ready to send the message, click “Send”, and your message will be broadcast to all your guests. Note that your audience won’t be able to see it.
  • Will my live stream end if I (accidentally) close my tab?

    As long as there is at least one speaker in the studio, your live stream will not end.

    If all your speakers leave the studio and there is no one in the studio, we will display a BRB scene for you for 2 minutes, so if you reopen the tab within 2 minutes, your live stream will still go on. After 2 minutes, your live stream will be terminated.

    👉Common Technical Issues

    I can't enter the studio with my computer

    When your studio page is showing “Connecting…” for a long period of time and you cannot enter the studio, you need to:

  • Make sure your Chrome or Edge browser is supported
  • We support desktops and laptops using Google Chrome on macOS, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser on Windows.
  • Refresh the browser
  • Check the version of browser. We recommend Chrome updated to 106 for the best experience.
  • Click "..." in the top right corner of Chrome's browser >> Settings >> About Chrome
  • Browse the studio in Incognito mode if it is an app/stable studio URL
  • At the top right, click "..." >> click "New Incognito Window"
  • Check the browser extensions and temporarily turn them off
  • At the top right, click "..." >> click "More Tools" >> click "Extensions", and turn it off
  • My camera/mic doesn't work

    There are several ways to see why your cam/mic doesn’t work, and how to make them work:

  • Does your browser have permissions for the camera?
  • Click "Allow" to use camera/mic when users enter the studio for the first time
  • Check the permissions
  • Have you turned on your system permission for browser?(for Mac)
  • Are you using the correct camera? Click the "Camera" list button to check
  • Is there another program using the camera (Skype, Zoom)? If so, quit all other programs, then refresh the page (Windows only)
  • Are the headphones/AirPods connected successfully?If they are connected, make sure that they're selected as your audio device
  • If all of above don't work. Please try:
  • Close the Chrome app completely, reopen Chrome and enter the app again.
  • Enter the app in an incognito Chrome window.
  • Restart your PC and try again.
  • My studio says “No audio detected” on the welcome page but it used to work

    It is likely that something (crashes, errors, or multiple refreshes) caused the browser itself to be in a weird state where apps can no longer grab the microphone anymore.

    To solve this, we recommend you to hard restart your browser:

    For Mac:

  • Right click on the Chrome logo in the taskbar and Click Quit.
  • Open Chrome and enter the studio again.
  • For Windows:

  • Click on the right three dots and click Exit in the drop down menu
  • Open Chrome and enter the studio again
  • Camera works, but user's video disappears (black/gray video)

    You can try either of the following steps to address this issue:

  • Test the network speed here, make sure the download and upload speed are both >10M
  • Refresh the studio page
  • Turn off virtual background, then refresh the browser
  • Voice sounds robotic or electrical during live stream

    This is usually caused by:

  • Irrecoverable audio packet loss.
  • Bluetooth microphone connection glitch or low battery
  • If you are using a bluetooth device for microphone, disconnect it and use another wired microphone instead.

    Refreshing the app page and reenter the studio almost always helps. Don't worry, the studio will be saved and no data will be lost.

    💖 Benefits Exclusive to Private Beta Users

    We know you are giving us a lot of trust in using Opus, that’s why we want to offer you these exclusive perks as a huge thank you!

    🥳 One-year free access to Opus. Opus is a sandbox full of creative engagement and growth tools, and you will enjoy one-year free access to all premium features, like AI-powered Magic Memes, Magic Poll, emoji rain and tens of other features to boost your engagement and watch time, and grow your community.

    📣 Amplified reach and exposure. We will feature you on our official website, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms, to help you gain more exposure and attract new viewers you wouldn't have reached before.

    👍 Premium support from our team. You will get one-month free support with production, studio design, and content repurposing. Just let us know your request and we will turn that into reality!

    💰 Referral bonus. This Referral Program allows you and referees to earn rewards. For every referee who goes live using Opus for 2 times, you will get 25 USD in visa gift card as a reward, and you can gain up to 500 USD. For referees, they will get one year of free use of Opus, including advanced features.

    If you are interested in the referral program, which is limited in seats and this bonus is only available till end of January 2023, be sure to email us at [email protected] to get enrolled and start earning your referral bonus!