Introducing Gamma:
the modern memo

Today for the first time, we're sharing more on our mission, progress, and funding.

Grant Lee, co-founder & CEO, Gamma

Every year, half a billion people create presentations in Google Slides and Powerpoint. Slides have been the language of business communication for more than 30 years - but they haven't evolved for the way people work today.

While the rest of the productivity suite has seen notable upgrades over the years, slides as a format have remained generally unchanged: their dimensions are fixed (a nod to the 35mm days), they're built for linear, one-way presentations, and designing them is still painful.

We built Gamma to reimagine how ideas get shared

Gamma is built for the new way of working, which is far more collaborative, multimedia-rich, and inclusive of both live and asynchronous communication.

In Gamma, you can break down walls of text into beautiful stacks of cards, so information is easy to consume and remember. With bite-sized and interactive combos of words, visuals and videos, we replace docs and decks with something much better.

We'd love to have you on this journey

Gamma came out of stealth and launched a private beta in August 2021. We had thousands of signups within the first week and have just started onboarding our first users from a broad swath of functions and companies including Stripe, Hopin, Facebook, Gusto, and Zendesk.

To signup, just visit!

Which brings us to our news today...

Drumroll please 🥁

We've raised $7M in funding led by Accel ğŸŽ‰

With support from:

  • Eric Yuan, Zoom CEO
  • Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn Executive Chairman
  • Julie Zhuo, former Facebook VP of Design
  • Founders at Airtable, Patreon, Segment, Honey, Optimizely, and more
  • Early stage funds including Script Capital, South Park Commons, LocalGlobe, Next Play Ventures, Afore, and Hustle Fund
  • Hear why Accel partner Amy Saper invested 👇

    Our mission to invent a new medium

    Slides were built for a different era of work.

    With our funding, we plan to bring new ways for people to create memorable content, quickly and easily. We're excited to be developing a completely new set of building blocks and tools that will enable everyone to present their ideas in more engaging ways.

    And of course, we'll use the funding for growing the team, which brings us to our next point.

    The people behind the magic

    Our founding team previously held leadership roles across product, design, engineering, and business operations at Optimizely, helping the company grow from $10M to $100M+ in ARR.

    Thanks to our early users, team, investors, and partners for all of their support so far. Our mission is ambitious, and we're still at the beginning of our journey. We know we have a lot of work to do, and hope you'll follow our progress along the way.