Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Quick Access Links:

General help/feedback

How can I ask for help or leave feedback?

There are a few ways to reach us quickly.

  • If you're logged in to the dashboard, you can click on the question mark and select "Contact us"
  • On the Home screen, you'll see an option in the bottom left to submit feature requests and feedback directly via a form
  • If you'd like to reach us via email, send us a note to [email protected]
  • Where can I find examples of Gammas?

    On the left menu of your home screen, you'll find Templates and Inspiration, which include a variety of examples. If you're not seeing a good Template for your use case, please email us at [email protected], we'd be happy to help.

    What's the fastest way to search for an old deck I made in Gamma?

    Simply type Cmd/Ctrl + K and start typing the name of the deck you're looking for. You can do this anywhere in Gamma (while viewing a deck or even when you're on the Home screen).

    I am viewing a Comment, but can't tell which Card or Block it's referencing. What's going on?

    You can open the Comments Panel in the top right hand corner of any deck. If you can't find the Card or Block in reference, there are two possibilities:

  • The Comment is on the entire deck, and was left directly via the Comments Panel.
  • The Card or Block that was being referenced has since been deleted.
  • Does it cost anything to use Gamma?

    Gamma is completely free to use right now during our Public Beta. Please visit our Pricing Page for more info.

    How can I stay up to date with you?

    Check out our Change Log for product updates, or follow us on Twitter @MeetGamma

    Accounts, Workspaces

    How do I change my workspace's name?

    You can change your workspace name by clicking on the name of the workspace in the top left from the Home screen. From there, just click "Settings & Members" and edit the name in the Settings modal.

    How can I add someone to my workspace?

    You can add someone to your workspace by clicking its name in the top left of the home screen, and hitting Settings & Members.

    Then you can either send them a link, or an email that will invite them to the workspace.

    Note: sharing someone on a deck doesn't automatically add them to your workspace. Joining the workspace will let them see all the decks in the workspace, and create/edit custom themes.

    Can I organize things into folders?

    Yes, our version of folders is called "channels". Channels let you organize related decks by topic or team. One deck can be in multiple channels.

    To create a channel, go to the Home screen and click the + button in the sidebar:

    To add a deck to a channel, click the Share button at the top, share the deck with your workspace, and then type a name under add to channel.

    We don't support private channels yet, see Untitled .

    Can I make a channel private?

    Do you support folders with different permissions?

    Not yet, but we plan to support private channels in the future. If this is important for you, please contact [email protected] to let us know.

    Sharing and Presenting

    Can I share a Gamma with someone who doesn't have a Gamma account? Can they edit, comment, or add reactions even without an account?

    Yes, you can share a Gamma and people can read it without needing an account. Click the "Share" button at the top of the deck, then find this link:

    You can choose whether people coming through the link can only view, or also comment/react/edit. For these actions, they will need to sign in with an account.

    Can I export my deck as a PDF?

    Yes, simply click the ellipses in the top right hand corner of any deck and select "Print/export PDF."

    My PDF export doesn't look right. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    We're working on improving our PDF export. Please email us at [email protected] with examples of where it goes wrong.

    Can I make a Gamma collaboratively?

    Yes, you can add collaborators by clicking on "Share" at the top of any deck.

    I am viewing the same deck as the presenter. Is there a way to follow the presenter so that I don't need to rely on the screenshare?

    Yes, simply click on their avatar located at the top middle of any deck they're in and you will follow their navigation.


    Can I copy cards from one deck to another?

    The only way to do this currently is to Copy and Paste the contents of one card to another deck. Type CMD + A to select all the content contained in a card.

    Can I import Google Slides, Keynote, or a Powerpoint presentation?

    We don't support this yet but plan to work on it soon and would love your input. Please email us at [email protected], and if possible, attach an example of what you'd like to import.

    Can I use Find & Replace in a deck?

    We're working on this and would love your input. Please email us at [email protected]

    I've created a Diagram and would like to use a different color for my shape, but I don't see it in the color picker. Can I select a custom color or enter a Hex code?

    This is not possible at the moment.

    Images in my Gallery are getting cropped in a weird way. Can I manually adjust this?

    Please email us at [email protected] and share a screenshot.

    Does Gamma work with tools like Grammarly and Linguix?

    Unfortunately, Gamma does not (yet) work with spell and grammar checking tools like Grammarly.

    We suggest you disable these tools for the domain to prevent unexpected behavior with editing/saving decks.

    To disable Grammarly:

    Toggle the top option to OFF

    To disable Linguix:

    Toggle the top option to grayed out

    Integrations and Embeds

    What kind of integrations does Gamma have?

  • Slack integration for links and comment notifications
  • Import from Google Docs
  • You can embed hundreds of apps by typing /embed, or look through the options in the insert toolbar.
  • Can I change the image and text for an embed preview?

    We're working on this and would love your input. Please email us at [email protected]

    Is it possible to resize an inline embed?

    This is not possible at the moment.

    Themes, Styling, Fonts

    Can I create my own company-branded theme in Gamma?

    Yes, click on the Theme panel locked at the top of every deck and select + New Theme.

    Looking for more customization? Please email us at [email protected]

    Can I upload my own custom fonts?

    This is not possible at the moment, but we're working on it and plan to release font uploading soon.


    What data does Gamma store and who can view that data? Can Gamma employees view my decks?

    Gamma stores your full deck securely in the cloud. While we're still in beta, we review aggregate usage information like the total number of decks created or the types of templates being copied to learn how people are using our product. However, Gamma employees won't view your decks unless you give your explicit permission. For more information, see our privacy policy.

    Anything else?

    For any other questions, please contact us at [email protected] We'd love to hear from you.