Change Log

New updates and improvements to Gamma

March 2023

Generate a Presentation

You'll notice a New with AI button on your Home screen. Click that and tell us what you'd like to create. We'll help you generate an outline and a first draft instantly, and you'll be able to get started on your presentation faster than ever before.

Try out Chat

Once you're ready to edit, just tap your AI design partner 🧑‍🚀. This will open up the new Chat panel, where you can ask for things like interesting images to include, writing and design suggestions, and even formatting help.

Password Login

We've launched a new signup page that supports signing up with a password instead of Google login. You can try it out by visiting

And more…

  • New look for Embeds. Try dropping in your favorite websites and apps directly into Gamma, and they'll show up without any distracting URL bar.
  • Customize Themes. You can now customize any of our Standard themes and make it your own by adding your brand colors and fonts. Simply click on Themes from your Home screen or while editing any deck.
  • Share Links. We made it easier to share your content. All new decks now come with a View only share link by default - simply post your Gamma link in Slack or social media for quick sharing. You can change these permissions by clicking on Share while editing any deck.
  • February 2023

    New Themes

    We've supercharged all of our default themes to give you even more out of the box. Our one-click themes allow you to change the entire look and feel of your deck anytime without having to reformat everything.

    Introducing Card Layouts

    Make your cards more visual by adding a Card Layout. You'll find this option located in the top left of every card - simply select from the dropdown. Bonus: try out our new accent images to complement your content or drag in your own. (These layouts are available on all new decks, and we'll be bringing them to existing ones over the next few weeks.)

    New Templates

    From your Home screen, you'll find a new set of templates to help you get started even faster. You can also share our public gallery with friends that haven't had a chance to try Gamma yet. Still not seeing the template you want or need? Please drop us a note and let us know what you're looking for: [email protected]

    Card Templates

    Looking for a pre-designed Card? Now you can drag in Card Templates from the Insert Menu. Try out various layouts and start mapping out your content incredibly fast.

    January 2023

    Smart Layouts

    Create stunning visuals incredibly fast. Type "/smart" or look for Smart Layouts under the Insert Menu and choose from options like Bullets or Timelines. Your content is automatically styled to match your theme and formatted to fit.


    Now you can search for icons and combine them with Smart Layouts like "Images with text." Icons will automatically adjust to the theme you're using to ensure your content stays polished and consistent.

    Custom Fonts

    Need to stay on brand? Now you upload your own fonts to Gamma and create your own themes using them. Simply click on Custom Fonts from the Home Screen and choose your font files.

    Gradient Headings

    We also shipped one of our most requested features. Now you can create your own beautiful Gradient Headings. Simply create a new theme and design the perfect gradient for your content.


    Discover powerful shortcuts by clicking on the question mark (?) icon located at the bottom right of your deck. One of our favorites: open and collapse all nested cards by using the shortcut typing CMD + Shift + O.

    December 2022


    We're introducing a new way to save you from clutter - think of it as a lightweight alternative to nested cards. Type "/toggle" to try it out, or simply convert any existing block into a toggle by first highlighting it.

    Font Sizes

    Many of you asked for additional font sizes, so this month we've added two new ones: Small and Large.

    Updating Your Profile

    Want to update your headshot or display name? Now you can - simply head to the Home screen and click on your account settings in the top left. Woo-Hoo!

    Embedding Gamma

    If you'd like to embed your Gamma deck on your website, just head to the Share button located at the top of your screen and grab the Embed code.

    And more…

  • Emojis. You can now type "/emoji" to pull up our emoji picker, and simply continue typing to find the one you're looking for.
  • Table of Contents. You can now type "/table of contents" to generate a list of all the cards in your deck. Use this anywhere to make it easier for readers to navigate.
  • Slack integration. Connect with Slack by visiting, and take advantage of nicer previews and real-time notifications.
  • November #2 2022

    PDF Export

    We completely revamped how we handle PDF exports in Gamma. No more weird, unpredictable page cutoffs. Even better, all of your links and embeds are preserved. Give this a try by clicking on the ellipses in the top right of your screen.

    Column Resizing

    You can now resize columns by simply choosing from one of our presets or dragging a column divider to a good spot. Your content will resize accordingly.

    Present Mode Navigation

    We added some new touches to Present Mode. You'll now find zoom controls at the top to give you more control over how big your content appears on your screen. You can also use your ⬆️ and ⬇️ arrow keys to navigate and select different blocks to interact with - give this a try with nested cards, images, and embeds!

    Public Decks

    Share your ideas with the world by making your deck public. Simply publish your deck to the web from the Share Panel.

    Nested Card Preview

    You can now hide the preview text we automatically display for nested cards. Simply click on the ellipses in the top right of a nested card and toggle on/off the preview text. No more spoilers!

    November #1 2022

    Gradient Creator

    Gradients are a simple way to make your decks feel more visual and modern. Now you can create your own directly in Gamma. Simply edit your Card, Deck, or Theme background and create the vibe you're going for.

    Callout Boxes

    You can now use Callout Boxes to help draw attention to important information. These are great for warnings, notes, and well, callouts of any kind. You can drop these in from the Insert Menu or simply type the Callout Box you want, for example "/note" to create a Note.

    PDF Upload

    If you need to attach a case study, white paper, or a PDF of any kind to your Gamma deck, now you can. Simply drop your PDF into any card or include it in a Gallery and your viewers will be able to access it directly in Gamma.

    Math Equations

    We now support inputting equations using Katex. Just enter equations between two dollar signs, like $$1+1=2$$ and they'll be automatically converted to math.

    October 2022

    Text Colors

    Many of you asked for the ability to change text colors - and now you can! Just select text and use the dropdown to pick a color.

    You can also now change Heading and Body color combos for an entire deck using a custom theme.


    They've read your deck, now what? Add a simple Call-to-Action by typing "/button" and tell them what they should do next.

    Mentioning Cards & Decks

    Creating quick access links in Gamma is easy. Simply type "@" followed by the name of the Card or Deck you'd like to mention and you're done. A reader that clicks on any of these links will get brought to the right place. See our FAQ page for an example of how you might use this.

    And more…

  • Multiple workspaces. Now, you can join multiple workspaces and invite others to your workspace even if they've already made their own.
  • No distractions in present mode. The toolbar and shortcuts will now slide away in present mode until you hover over them, so you can have all the focus on your content.
  • Markdown paste. Paste bullets, headings, etc. in markdown format and we'll automatically format them.
  • Performance improvements. Gammas should now load faster, especially on slower internet connections.
  • August/September 2022


    Quickly combine images, screenshots, gifs, videos, and embeds, all in a zoomable carousel. Type "/gallery" or simply drag any image on to another image to automatically create a Gallery. Give it a try in Present mode as well by clicking on anything in your Gallery. You can even put videos and embeds in.


    When you send out pre-reads or leave-behinds, it's impossible to know what's actually resonating with people. In Gamma, we provide Analytics so that you can understand where people are spending time and what content they're engaging with. Click on the ellipses located in the top right of any deck, and click on Analytics to check this out.

    Block Level Reactions

    Slack introduced the world to emoji productivity, and we've brought this to Gamma. Instead of spending time commenting, others can simply give you a quick 👍 by dropping a reaction on any block.

    Import Doc

    Import any doc you have and we'll turn it into a presentation instantly.

    July #2 2022


    You can now drop in simple visuals and diagrams (timelines, 2×2s, pyramids). Choose from a few templates or create a new one from scratch. You can also paste in images and screenshots, or even shapes and diagrams from your existing Powerpoint, Google Slides, or Keynote files.

    Nested Cards

    We spruced up the look and feel of nested cards in their collapsed state. They also provide a preview of what's inside now.

    New Presentation Experience

    We just finished a series of enhancements to Present Mode. When you scroll from card to card (using your trackpad or mouse), you'll now get a "peek" at what's coming next. You can also open nested cards inline now, making it easier to navigate between nested cards.

    New Templates

    We just added a bunch of new templates you can clone. Check them out here.

    July #1 2022

    New Presentation Experience

    We're going to roll out a series of big enhancements to Present mode:

  • Card transitions will now animate vertically instead of horizontally
  • You can turn Spotlight on and off via a toolbar button or using the 'S' key
  • The on-screen arrow buttons will be removed, so you'll need to use your keyboard arrow keys to move from card to card
  • Channels

    We're introducing a new way to organize all of your decks. Create new channels for things like projects, teams, and topics. You can even see when someone is presenting live in a channel.

    Custom Themes

    If you need your decks to be on-brand, try creating a new custom theme. Simply pick your font pairings and accent color, choose a background, and upload your logo. You can find these under the Themes button at the top of a deck.

    June 2022

    Export to PDF

    For anyone that needs to email or share a soft copy of your Gamma, you can now export to PDF by clicking on the ellipses located in the top right.

    Embeds (inline or preview)

    Now you can control how embedded content (videos, apps, websites) appear by default. Test out these different options by simply toggling between them.

    New and Improved Tables

    We made several improvements to how Tables work in Gamma. Give them a try and let us know what else you'd like us to improve.

    Did you just think of a great idea? Capture it by spinning up a new Gamma. Simply type into the URL bar and hit enter. Voila! 🎉

    May 2022

    Drag & Drop Layouts

    Placing an image next to a block of text in slides can be so tedious: aligning, resizing, pixel pushing. In Gamma, we're trying to eliminate the need for formatting altogether. Try out our new drag & drop layout functionality.

    Image Resizing and Cropping

    Okay, we appreciate your patience on this one. Now you can quickly resize and crop any image to your heart's content.

    Rename your Gammas

    Quickly update the name of your Gamma by simply clicking and editing the field next to the home button.

    New Default Themes

    We did a complete refresh of our default themes to help you create stunning content effortlessly.

    April 2022


    Have you ever wanted to add more context without cluttering your doc? Now you can simply create a footnote! Drop in supporting text, links, images, and GIFs to your heart's content.

    Follow Mode

    If you collaborate on docs with your team in real-time, give our Follow mode a try. Simply click on the profile image of the teammate you'd like to follow (top center of your screen). This will continue working even if the person goes in and out of presenting.

    Copy & Paste from your favorite tools

    Need to present something you've already written in Notion or Google Docs? No sweat. Just copy and paste into Gamma, and spin up a presentation instantly. Tip: try using keyboard shortcuts like "---" to split your content into more digestible cards.

    New Templates

    We're sharing some new templates you can try out with your team: 1:1, Team Meetings, New Hire Onboarding, and many more.