Testmap for Jira

To our customers, we ship a product.

To our users, we deliver certainty.

This deck will give you an interactive overview about our Jira Software Cloud App "Testmap for Jira" which is about to launch in early 2023! 🚀

What we're launching

Here are three bullet points to get a first grasp of what our solution is in essence about:

  • Jira Software Cloud App
  • Testing & QA
  • Innovative map-centric design with business process focus
  • 💡 Tip: if you want to dive right in, watch this comprehensive product overview

    Testmanagement Lifecycle

    Find out where in the testmanagement lifecycle our solution has it's strenghts:




    Unlike add-on's like XRay, "Testmap for Jira" does not ⚠️ add custom issue types to your Jira instance that will help you writing testcases in a step by step manner.

    What it will help you with however, is giving your testers and business analysts an easy access to very much needed contextual information which is currently unavailable within Jira.

    This will help greatly in writing more accurate and comprehensive test scenarios, covering all paths of your business process landscape.


    While Jira Software ships with a bunch of different reports, you as testmanagers usually set up your own individual dashboard for every new project to track relevant KPI's.

    Our solution will help you to configure your world-class testmanagement-controlling, with an innovative and user-friendly map-centric design.

    And best of all, this will only take you about 10 minutes of your precious time 👀

    Comparison to other solutions

    "Testmap for Jira" is a unique solution for Jira Software Cloud in the following three ways:

  • It puts it's focus on the business process level of your company
  • It helps standardizing your company's testmanagement throughout all projects
  • It drastically reduces the time to setup your testmanagement-controlling
  • However, for the time being (😉), our solution is not a direct competitor with the likes of Zephyr or Xray. Think of it more like an additional layer on top, that will help you excel in your project endeavours.


    A few visual impressions of our Jira Software Cloud Solution "Testmap for Jira"

    Our target audience

    While "Testmap for Jira" is in theory accessible for all companies using the cloud version of Jira Software, we are targeting a specific kind of audience based on the underlying pain points we want to address with this app.

    You should really (reeeally 😉) pay attention and look further into our software if you could check most or all of these checkboxes:

  • You are already working with Jira Software Cloud or you are about to switch from the server version to cloud
  • Employee size of your company is > 2.000 (smaller can also be very much relevant - this is just an indicator)
  • Your company executes at least couple of projects throughout each year in which adjustments or ehancements of your IT landscape are being performed
  • You know that transparency of your IT and business process landscape is one reason for struggeling to deliver real process excellence to your customers
  • Your company has already invested in a process mining software (from vendors like Celonis or IBM)
  • Your benefits

    As with all software solutions, we understand that building an application is not only about building features which are better than the competitor's solutions or which are entirely new in general.

    We know, that finding solutions for problems is also - and maybe even first and foremost - about emotional and social aspects regarding the people interacting with the application 🧑‍💻.

    With that in mind, we have listed the benefits of using "Testmap for Jira" in the following three categories:

    Functional 🛠️

    See what kind of features our solution offers and find out how it will help you, your team and your company.

    Business Process Repository

    The Business Process Repository's (BPR) purpose is exactly what the name suggests:

    It is the place to store all the business processes of your company in one central place within Jira.

    Without our solution, you currently might encounter all or some of the following issues:


    With "Testmap for Jira"

    ❌ No documentation of business processes at all

    ✅ All business process are documented within Jira

    ❌ Documentation of business processes outside of Jira

    ✅ Access to this mission critical information for everyone with access to Jira

    ❌ Knowledge about involved components is limited to very few people

    ✅ Easily search for information like what component are involved in which processes

    ❌ The business process view is not being paid attention to

    ✅ No more wasting time looking for up-to-date documentation

    Watch this video to see the feature in action:

    Business Process Graph

    The Business Process Graph's (BPG) job is to visualize all your business processes in one, all-encompassing graph and enriches it with useful information from your entire Jira instance.

    See below to find out what kind of relevant questions the BPG answers for different stakeholders in your company:

    Software Architect

  • What does the software landscape in our entire company look like at the moment?
  • How man applications does our software landscape consist of?
  • Project Manager

  • If I should upgrade App 1 in the upcoming project, what business processes will it affect?
  • What other components other than App 1 are therefore involved and what experts do I need to staff?
  • Are App 1 or related business processes currently part of other active projects in our company?
  • Test Manager

  • Am I missing a business process in my testmanagement-controlling?
  • Is there a custom process in my project which should actually be replaced by an existing, documented business process?
  • Watch this video to see the feature in action:


    The Canvas is the everyday companion for every stakeholder in a project.

    When initially being configured, the user (e. g. testmanager) picks all relevant processes from the BPR of the company which are relevant for this particular project and within less than 10 minutes (❗), the entire testmanagement-controlling has been setup.

    No more self-configured dashboards. Everything you need right in this Canvas feature.

    Take a look at three highlights:


    Aren't you tired of looking at gigantic, self-configured dashboards and getting lost in all the incoherent information?

    Yes, we are, too. That is why with our Canvas feature, you can set up thresholds for your project and every stakeholder will just need a quick view on the Canvas to know about the current quality status of the software.

    Invalid data

    Another annoying and time-consuming thing: Figuring out if some issues are lacking necessary input to certain fields in order to show up on your dashboard.

    Canvas tracks these problems automatically, lists all relevant issues in a seperate category and let's you send an email notification to one particular person or all users with one click.

    Component/Process issues

    Usually it is kind of hard for anyone but the creator of the ticket to figure out just by reading the title of a bug, if the problem affects one or more components.

    With "Testmap for Jira" , you can take a look at the Canvas and immediately see, if issues exist just within a single component or if an entire process is affected.

    Watch this video to see the feature in action:

    Emotional ğŸ˜Ž

    What we are selling is not particularly the software product itself. Actually, it is an outcome in the personal experience of our users performing their day-to-day job.

    Take a look at the table's content below and think for yourself, if you have felt this way during some of your latest projects using Jira Software, or if you are aware that some of your colleagues have felt this way:




    Not only does the technological complexity increase year by year, so does the feature set of tools like Jira Software. Putting everything together when their are so many opportunities to configure things can be daunting.


    You spent days setting up your testmanagement-controlling, only to realise, that on a daily basis, you find gaps in people filling out mandatory fields. As a result, your dashboard data lacks quality.


    Your job as a testmanager is to plan carefully, know what's going on, find solutions, and so on. In short: It's a lot. Too bad, when their are multiple different sources you need to pull your information from since the main tool you are using for your controlling, doesn't offer a 360 degree view.

    Our mission is to continually minimze above mentioned feelings in the realm of doing your project work.

    And if we succeed in our mission, doing your job with the help of "Testmap for Jira" will soon feel like a piece of cake 🍰.

    Social 🤝

    We as human beings are constantly searching for recognition by our peers of who we are and what we do, either consciously or subconsciously. It is no different in in our work environment.

    This paradigm is just as true for individuals as it is for groups of people or even companies:

  • Who doesn't want to be part of a project, that delivered an outstanding product with great quality and very few incidents in production?
  • Which company doesn't want to rank high in surveys about satisfaction with customers using their software products?
  • We are absolutely convinced, that even our very first version of our product is already a massive improvement to what is currently possible in Jira in terms of testing and how it helps people being recognized for their hard work:

    Don't even get us started on what we already have in our backlog 😉

    Cloud app pricing overview


    Monthly per user (USD)

    Up to 10 (flat fee)


    11 - 100


    101 - 250


    251 - 1.000


    1.001 - 2.500


    2.501 - 5.000


    5.001 - 7.500


    7.501 - 10.000


    10.001 - 15.000


    15.001 - 20.000


    20.001 - 25.000


    25.001 - 30.000


    30.001 - 35.000


    Costs for team sizes

    Here is an overview of what "Testmap for Jira" would cost for different team sizes:


    Monthly (USD)

    Yearly (paid monthly)

    Up to 10 (flat fee)
























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