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Making your calendar work for you.

Rework the Workday

🧠 Clockwise is an intelligent calendar assistant that frees up your time so you can work on what matters. It helps you escape the chaos of work and find your focus.

About Clockwise

Clockwise is the solution to the modern workday. It optimizes your team's schedules to create more time in everyone's day — so we can feel present when we’re working together and focused when we’re working on our own.

Clockwise’s mission is to help people make time for what matters, and over 15,000 organizations run on Clockwise, including Uber, Twitter, Atlassian and Asana.

The company is led by Matt Martin (CEO and Co-founder) and Gary Lerhaupt (CTO and Co-founder) and backed by Accel, Greylock Partners, Bain Capital Ventures, Coatue, and Atlassian Ventures.

Calendar Optimization

Clockwise automatically moves your meetings in order to:

✔️ Free up blocks of uninterrupted time

so you can focus on what matters

✔️ Reschedule conflicting meetings

so you don't have to

✔️ Reflect your preferences

to make your day work the way you work best

🛡️Focus Time Protection

Clockwise creates dynamic Focus Time holds on your calendar that allow you to:

✔️ Save uninterrupted blocks of time so you have time to accomplish your priorities

✔️ Set your Focus Time goal because we know not every role needs the same amount

✔️ Use Clockwise Links to balance your availability and Focus Time when booking meetings

👇 Here's how we schedule for success

Sharing your availability shouldn’t mean losing control of your calendar. Clockwise Links understands your preferences and proactively protects them.

Clockwise takes over 10 factors into consideration to surface the best time for invitees, including:

Preferred meeting hours

Focus time

No meeting days

Consecutive meetings

Travel time

Lunch time

📅 Personal Calendar Assistant

Focus on your work, not micro-managing your calendar:

✔️ Keep your personal and work calendars in sync so you never miss a personal commitment

✔️ Automatically color-code your meetings so you can see your schedule at-a-glance

✔️ Protect your travel time automatically so you’re always on time for your meetings

👥Clockwise for Teams

🤝Find more time to focus on what matters

Onboard new teams with ease. When your whole team joins, enters their preferences, and marks flexible meetings, Clockwise can deliver maximum value.

Get instant insight into your team's bandwidth

Does your team have enough Focus Time to hit their goals? Get the answer instantly with real-time analytics from Clockwise.

Know your team’s availability, automatically

Ever been surprised by an out-of-office teammate? See when your teammates will be unavailable with a team calendar that updates automatically, no manual data entry needed.

Take your no-meeting day from policy to reality

Use Clockwise to automatically create and protect your no-meeting day so you and your team can maximize your Focus Time.

📈 By the numbers

Improve productivity and business results

Mission-critical work requires deep focus — not 30 minutes here and there.


of people managers agree that Clockwise helps them use their time more efficiently


of eng managers say their companies generate more revenue when their team has more Focus Time.


What meetings will Clockwise move?

Clockwise only moves meetings that you mark as flexible. Currently, only internal meetings are eligible.

How far in advance will Clockwise move my meetings?

Clockwise moves flexible meetings up to 4pm the day before a meeting is scheduled. We will never move a meeting on the same day it occurs.

Will I be improving my calendar but potentially making my teammate's calendars worse?

No - Clockwise also considers the Focus Time of the other meeting attendees, even if they aren't Clockwise users.

How does Clockwise handle conference rooms?

You can tell Clockwise on a meeting by meeting basis if you prefer to stay in the same conference room or allow us to find a similar room.

Does Clockwise know that my teammate is in another time zone?

Yes - Clockwise can tell what time-zone your teammates are in, and adjusts flexible meetings accordingly.