Your B2B Leads Don't Reply, Even When You Send Excellent Messages

And the problem is festering…

  • Your Sales Reps Are Loud not Insightful 💸
  • Your Sales Reps Are Expensive and Don't Scale 💸
  • You Can't Get Your Emails Delivered or Opened 📧
  • You Bought Expensive Commodity GTM Data
  • Personalization is Just 1 AI Prompt Now 🤖
  • ZoomInfo Doesn't Tell You What to Say
  • Intent Data is Voodoo 🧟‍♀️
  • SaaS Has Exploded, And You Sound Like Everyone Else 🤷‍♂️
  • Change is coming for you…

  • What's Worst?… What Works Barely Today Won't Soon 🤏
  • AI will commoditize the "personalization" your SDRs do. 🤖
  • So, Where the Hell Do GTM Teams Go From Here? 🤔

    Do you remember how it started? When your founders sold to their network

    And then early customers referred their friends…

    So, you raised money, because money was cheap and you "had traction"

    So, you hired Chad, or Mike, or whatever to sell full time

    And 6 months in… barely a lead or two to speak of... so you fired Skip

    But, you still must grow… and so you're at loss…

    What if you could rank great companies based on their pain relative to your solution?

    And to make sure that you got it right, eliminate 80% of poor-fit companies with metrics that mattered to you?

    And answer hard questions like, what do I say to my A+ accounts?

    And which titles do I target at my A+ accounts?

    And when do I reach out to them?

    And, how do I say it enough times to test

    to know if it works or not

    And can I do it at scale, without sales reps?

    Blueprint provides timely, granular, accurate company data to find and communicate with your prospects about their pain, at scale, without sales reps.

    We help you target by pain 😫, not persona 👤.

    We answer these GTM questions for VC-backed B2B SaaS product companies.

    Prices range from $6k (data only) to $45k (full service) for 3-6 month trial periods, depending on what you need.

    We don’t negotiate prices and our best customers:

  • Feel a fire 🔥 to work, often, eagerly, and quickly.
  • Understand that growth is exceptionally difficult, it’s a process, and they value the learning process.
  • Want to enter into a partnership, not an adversarial relationship. Including in any of our sales calls.
  • Are eager to commit time and gleeful humor our shared success. This is a business with a passion.
  • Contact Us

    My electronic email is just Jordan at the damn website URL you're on now. If I made it easy, everyone would do it.

    For Blueprint Drafts, please contact Ali at the website you're on now.

    One more thing… free data!

    Blueprint has mapped closed jobs to people who took those jobs so you can actually prospect by PAIN, not PERSONA!

    Find the data here…