Your Leads Don't Reply Because You Can't Match Your Insights to Their Problems, At Scale

Scale your sales program with relevant targeting from problems pulled directly your prospect's jobs, website, profiles, and public posts.

Reply rates you'll die for — without killing your ability to scale, and spending hours writing personalized messages.

So you want to skip the story? Come on, it's a narrative!

Your B2B GTM Model is 💩 ☠️💔

You Can't Learn From Your Sales Reps

Your SDRs have no incentive to improve your go to market system.

Your sales reps (SDRs) are incentivized to withhold education from your organization. And, if they crack it, they get promoted. If they don't they get demoted or fired. You get no compound learning from this structure.

You Reps are Loud, Not Insightful

Your SDRs are just begging for attention. "Just 5 minutes, PLEASE. I'll pay you!"

You spent tens of thousands on ZoomInfo, Apollo, and Seamless so they could talk talk everyone, but gave them nothing good to say. So they beg for attention and never talk about your advantage. And all of the messages they send look like this.

Your Reps Don't Know Your Market

Your SDRs don't know your market, your product, or how the two fit together.

Founders never teach their first SDR what they tried, what works, what fails, what they already know about talking to tens or hundreds of customers 1 by 1. And then they say, now you go sell...

You Can't Get Your Emails Delivered or Opened

Spray and pray 🙏 used to work, but now, god is punishing you for praying.

Not only do you not know what to say, but no one is listening. You sound like your competitors, so you're getting marked as spam. This is a terrible predicament, because it tanks your domain and it's hard to undo.

ZoomInfo Doesn't Tell You What to Say

"I saw you just raised money, can I have your money" has converted 0 people ever.

Innovation in this space is reaching out based on "triggers," but even ZoomInfo is still sending spam based on people raising money or if some random intern Googles "ZoomInfo" with shit, "intent data." There's no theory here.

Intent Data is a Broken, Useless Crutch

So someone somewhere in the Salesforce Tower Googled you. Who the fuck cares?

Your lead is somewhere inside of this monstrosity… but who is it… and what are you going to do, creep on them, "I saw you Googled me Jordan, do you want to buy my B2B TrashSaaS?" You can't sell to intent, because it's opaque.

SaaS has Exploded, Your Buyers Have 1,000 Options

You're competing with 1,000 other tools that sound JUST LIKE YOU.

Total size of the public cloud software as a service (SaaS) market from 2008 to 2020(in billion U.S. dollars)

You're Just Not Growing and You're Not Alone.

Data and trends from 1,700+ sales, marketing and ops professionals…

All is not lost…

What is Blueprint? Our Products.

Blueprint helps you match your customer's insights to current market problems, allowing you to write and send great messages, without scaling your clunky sales team.

The Four Horsemen of Blueprint

Blueprint Jobs (Data)
Solves for: Timing + Messaging
Blueprint monitors companies that are hiring and allows you to search through millions of jobs descriptions in seconds and bucket your prospect's pain by keywords in their job descriptions.

Blueprint Drafts (Leads)
Solves for: Timing + Messaging + Leads
Blueprint Drafts builds on Blueprint Jobs, but includes weekly drops of actual people to contact and finalized draft messaging. Your sales reps just need to click and send each week.

Blueprint Enrich (Data)
Solves for: Targeting + Messaging
Blueprint Data allows you to ask any question of your market and get a new list once a week. Invent a list that blends data from LinkedIn, websites, Google Maps… or wherever, we dare you. We'll score your TAM too.

Blueprint Outbound (Leads)
Solves for: Rapid GTM Testing
Blueprint Outbound does it all. It's like Blueprint Data, but we help you with messaging, we warm up inboxes, and we send 1 playbook per week to test if you know your market as well you think you do (you probably don't).

Aren't these cute horses? They get their stripes from the black and white photo. You can name the horses, too.

Our Products, Ad Nauseam

Here's everything worth knowing, and a lot you probably didn't care to ever know.

Blueprint Jobs

Blueprint Jobs allows you to run powerful searches across millions of jobs in seconds, but the real value is that you can bucket keywords in job descriptions that allow you to speak to the silly things that companies are asking people to do that your software could do much better.

This allows you to be specific, at scale. Here's what a query might look like…

Here's the 1, 2, 3 of Blueprint Jobs

And here's how you might use this data…

  • Target by companies that can't hire fast enough
  • Target companies hiring for the problems your product solves
  • Target by marketing channels
  • Target companies that are investing in PLG
  • Target companies hiring assistants that don't have to be in person
  • Target companies that have complex pricing
  • Target companies hiring their first (designer/sales rep/etc)
  • Target companies that offer free food and drink
  • Target companies that use cold calling as a tactic and how many reps cold call
  • Investigate major problems sales/marketing/demand teams are trying to solve.
  • Blueprint Drafts (Beta)

    Blueprint Drafts is currently in Beta, but ping Ali to learn all about it. It's basically a way to get a lot of the juice with Blueprint Outbound at 1/3rd of the cost, but with these limitations:

  • You can only query the jobs data (no bespoke data or other lead lists scraping).
  • Your reps must push send on each message each week.
  • You must send using your own inboxes, not ours.
  • Blueprint Enrich

    Blueprint Data basically allows you to ask any unstructured question about the business-internet and get a list back in 1 week. I want all e-com companies that offer discounts on their website, aren't using a live chatbot, have 2 or fewer people in demand gen, get more than 2.5 million hits a month, and who offer free sodas. Yea, we can literally build that list.

    Here are a few YouTube videos that explain different Blueprint Data plays…

  • Match closed jobs to people
  • Use Google to build lists by pain, not persona
  • Find out companies that added 10%+ to their headcount just last month
  • Target people by what they post on LinkedIn (beta)
  • Scrape all of the trucking sites in the US
  • Blueprint Outbound

    Blueprint Outbound is basically just hiring me to run your entire outbound engine. It's the whole shebang. Targeting. Messaging (you write, I edit, you approve), Email Deliverability. Finding Leads. Sending 1 Playbook per week. All of Blueprint Everything is in this. Everything….

  • Examples of Outbound plays
  • How I think about email copy
  • Pricing: What's it Cost?

    We offer 4 different plans in two categories. Data products for those that just need high quality company data and data + services products. One will give you all the raw ingredients to go to market in 2023, the other will actually take you to market.

    Need Just Data?

    Our data offerings are for companies that have email deliverability taken care of, they can find lead information, they have the rails down, but they don't know what train to put on the track.

    Great data IS the message, so if you want to both sort the world and know what to say, but don't need me to say it for you, then Blueprint's data is your jam.

    Blueprint Jobs

    Blueprint Explore

    Who's it for?

    People who want to filter and message to companies hiring to solve problems.

    People who want near-perfect information on their TAM, from bespoke web scraping to data merge.

    What's it cost?


    $10k/mo, 3 month minimum

    What do I get?

    Unlimited 20k job exports of companies, jobs, and job descriptions.

    Ask any question of your entire TAM, merge data from any website, build any leads list (minus contacts).

    Need Done for You?

    Our two done for you options are about getting you closer to the platonic perfect outbound sequence. We ARE NOT a lead gen agency, we are a rapid testing agency. We will help you close the gap between what you think you know about your market, and what your market knows.

    Our goal is to test rapidly to shorten this.

    Blueprint Drafts

    Blueprint Outbound

    Who's it for?

    People who want leads delivered daily with pre-written messages about pain, based on job descriptions. You must contact the leads.

    People who want everything. We do the targeting, help with messaging, deliver the messages, warm up email inboxes, fetch the data, do the targeting. The WORKS.

    What's it cost?

    $5k/month, 6 mo minimum
    +$1k/month per SDR

    $20k/mo, 3 month minimum

    What do I get?

    Leads delivered daily (they expire daily to protect your email domain) with all relevant links for research, all contact info, and drafts of messages already written for you to 1-click send pain based messages.

    You get all I have to give. I am pretty selective with my clients here because I have to like, WORK with you. This plan is a PARTNERSHIP. You must invest in helping me with messaging, customer research, hypotheses, etc. I'm not In-And-Out.

    Obligatory Customer Logos

    I guess these convince you somehow I'm not just some guy in a ditch?

    TestBox, LeanData,, (but Clearbit loads Matt's face below, whatever), Stytch, MarketerHire, Syncari, US Chamber, Vouch, Metrical, and more!

    Contact Us

    My electronic email is just Jordan at the damn website URL you're on now. If I made it easy, everyone would do it.

    For Blueprint Drafts, please contact Ali at the website you're on now.

    One more thing… free data!

    Blueprint has mapped closed jobs to people who took those jobs so you can actually prospect by PAIN, not PERSONA!

    Find the data here…