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The problem we're tackling, what we're building, and who we are.

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πŸ“‹ Problem(s) we see

  • Where do we go for help with life's biggest issues?
  • Who are the trusted voices of wisdom?
  • How do I transform my thinking and ultimately my life?
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    Cultural impact

    Here is a current snapshot of our cultures mental health.

    πŸŒ‹ Core problem

    Culture is no longer turning to God for help.

    πŸ’­ Things we say to push God away

    Here are some automated scripts many of us repeat to ourselves when we're challenged with the idea of God helping us in our lives.

    Aren't I supposed to do this on my own?

    The world tells us it's all about self-help and self-improvement. Pull up your own bootstraps and grind it out.

    We believe walking through life's biggest challenge is multiplicatively better than doing everything on your own.

    Church feels irrelevant and old fashion.

    Ever been invited to church before? It can be a little weird and awkward when you get an invitation to it.

    We hope that we can bring to light the best the local church has to offer.

    I've got real problems. Not sure how Jesus is going to help.

    There's this cool story about a bunch of people waiting for Jesus to teach in a synagogue. (Mark 6:2).

    They're already waiting expectantly and when they encounter a real master their jaws drop. They're in awe and wonder around the wisdom and miracles Jesus performs.

    We believe there's a fresh way to learn about Jesus and his teachings.

    God feels like a cosmic kill joy.

    We get how people can have the impression that God just wants you to follow a bunch of rules.

    We look forward to sharing how God is about the spirit of the rules and less about following the letter of the law to a T.

    I like Jesus. I don't like the people who follow him.

    Following Jesus can be hard as we are individuals that make mistakes even with Jesus in our life.

    Despite this, we hope we can paint a beautiful picture of who Jesus is and the transformation that comes from following him.

    Surrender? I'm doing fine.

    Some of us are doing pretty well in life. We understand why the idea of "surrender" to God seems unnecessary and dramatic.

    We hope that through our journey's in Salt + Light, God will deposit a vision in your life that's larger and more impactful than you can imagine.

    πŸ” Good news: People are seeking help

    They're just looking in the wrong place.

    People turn to Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube for guidance. They're asking well-meaning strangers for help on the biggest challenges in life.

    We can and need to do better.



    πŸ’‘ Opportunity: Salt + Light

    We're building a digital platform. Salt + Light is a place you go and…

    🎯 Encounter piercing wisdom (Hebrews 4:12-13)

    β™₯Join a cohort of glad and sincere hearts (Acts 2:42-47)

    πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Journey towards life transformation (Matthew 6:33)

    β™Ÿ Strategy

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    Educational journeys taught by the masters

    Connecting people into welcoming and focused cohorts

    Cultivate an authentic, high-touch, community

    We believe in real human interaction.

    Imagine a world where everyone signs up gets a personal video message welcoming them for joining the Salt + Light community.

    We love the way that Connexus church in Canada has done this!

    🎯 Our mission


    in progress!

    ⌚ Product Timeline

    πŸ€ Volunteers

    Karen Gu
    Product Manager

    Matthew Rodriguez

    Daniel Thiyagu

    David Johnson

    Kaitlyn Joe

    Chun Xiao
    UI/UX Designer

    πŸ€ Co-founding team

    Desmond Balco
    UI/UX Designer

    Garth Brydon

    Joseph Dollahon

    Richard Gali

    Dereck Quock

    Darren Allarde

    πŸ€ Board

    Nancy Ortberg

    Alan George
    Pastor and Church Online consultant

    Kevin Penry
    Executive leader

    Cory Johnson
    CTO and founder of Blockstars

    🌊Market Opportunity

    Below is a quadrant that shows relevant products and inspiration. Not all products are applications β€” some are pure content players.

    πŸ’± Use of funds

    Phase I: MVP (Year 1)

    Phase II: V1 Essentials (Year 2)

    Detailed breakdown

    πŸ—Ώ Business model

    We are focused on offering tiered subscriptions.

    Different tiers will give people more access to content, workshops, and teaching β€” both virtually and in-person.

    ☎ Contact us

    πŸ“§ [email protected]