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A new medium for
presenting ideas.

Powered by AI.

Beautiful presentations, documents, and websites. No design or coding skills required.

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...up in the sky.

Faster than a slide of bullets.

More powerful than a wall of text.

Oh, my! It’s a Gamma

How it works

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Never start from scratch

Generate docs, decks & webpages in seconds

Create a working presentation, document or webpage you can refine and customize in under a minute, using our powerful AI generator.

Gamma allows me to package up information in ways I can't with slides, while still creating good flow for my presentations.

Ann Marie, Director of Product at Koalafi

Beautiful and on-brand

Make it polished and ready in one click

  • πŸŽ‰

    No more slide masters or template lock-in


    Restyle your entire deck in just one click


    Use a flexible template to work faster

Creating polished slides gets really tedious, especially aligning boxes and keeping things on-brand. With Gamma, I can get things done so much faster.

John, Co-founder & CEO at Stotles

Context with brevity

Present live, or send a webpage

  • πŸ’‘

    Get your point across with present mode


    Drill into the details using nested cards


    Share online with publishing + analytics

Notion x Canva is the best way to think about Gamma. It's just so nice to use!

Matthias, Senior Strategy Consultant at ODALINE

Concise, visual, and interactive

Bring your ideas to life

  • Move beyond walls of text and boring clipart. Embed anything:









    Your audience will pay more attention and stay engaged with your content.

We've avoided PowerPoint decks at all costs at our agency, but Gamma offered us a fresh alternative that we love to share with potential clients. Polished and adaptable. We love it!

Emilie, Founder & Principal at Six Eastern

Engage users on any device

Read anywhere

  • πŸ“Š

    Measure engagement with built-in analytics


    Get more feedback with quick reactions


    Comments make collaboration straightforward


    Share on any device β€” laptop, tablet, or phone

I'm not a slide deck artist - Gamma makes it super easy for me to convert my documents into engaging presentations for company all hands, and takes me 10x less time than fiddling about with pixels on slides. Such a time saver.

Amelia, Co-founder & CEO at Honeycomb

Write stuff & chill

Stop the monologue, start a conversation.

Simply write, guide & show

Break down walls of text into a beautiful deck of cards.



Bite-sized by design.

Stick inside people’s heads, unforgettably

Gamma helps you break things down into bite-sized, interactive combos of words, visuals, video and embeds that aid in comprehension. It’s not rocket science β€” just basic neuroscience β€”Β when you break ideas down they become easier to consume and remember.

Memos originated back in ancient Rome.

Introducing the Modern Memo

Memorandum actually stems from the Latin for β€œworthy of remembrance, noteworthy.” And, we’ve built Gamma around that core principle.

Woooo... this is fun!

Professional design without pushing pixels.

Building blocks that match your brand

Gamma’s beautiful card layouts help your content shine β€” while the design aligns automatically with your brand.

Mix images, video, and interactive apps.

Showing is far better than telling

Drag anything onto a card. Gamma cards are infinitely adaptable. Get creative with narrations or recordings.

Presentable. Readable. Leave Behindable.

Keep it simple

Make it easy

Break it up

Docs Bloat, Memos Don’t
Docs are time consuming, requiring a significant amount of cognitive load to absorb. Gamma memos help your readers understand the point quickly, gathering more context as needed.

What is this about?

Hello... is anyone flying this deck?

Decks Are Not Self-Guided
Slides are confusing leave behinds. The context is lost without the presenter. Gamma memos are built to be presented while retaining their ability to stand alone.

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